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When you drive up your street and pull into your driveway, does the view of your home and property make you happy and proud?  If the answer is no, wouldn’t consulting with one of the best landscape companies in Ottawa be a good start to making positive changes that can last more than a lifetime? Ottawa Pavemaster offers paving, interlocking stone, concrete products, and more for your landscaping needs. Increase the value of your home or business with beautiful garden or retaining walls, decorative stones, a water feature, and well-placed walkways. Give your property a finished, professional look with our landscaping services in Ottawa and surrounding areas.


If you want to give your property a finished look, contact us. We are your reliable landscape company in Ottawa!

Landscape Design Solutions

Our team of skilled landscape designers can create a beautiful landscape for you. Whether you wish to add a new water feature to your garden or need flower beds, we are here to help. Our team can custom design a landscape that will reflect your personal style and add more value to your property. All you must do is discuss your requirements with us, and our team will do the rest. Reach out to our team of landscape contractors in Ottawa now for more details.


Our Services

Our landscaping services include:

Stone walkways, patios, flower bed walls, and more: We provide elegant and beautiful stone walkways, patios and flower bed walls. Our services will add more beauty and value to your home.

Landscape design: If you wish to give your outdoor space a fresh new look, we have got you covered. We provide quality customized landscape designs as per your requirements.

Garden design: Our team can help you design the garden of your dreams. We will incorporate all your ideas and provide you with a garden design that reflects your taste.

Garden stones: Wish to add beautiful stones to your garden? We can help. We offer beautiful garden stone solutions of different shapes, sizes and textures.

Pool landscaping: The suitable pool landscape can completely transform your outdoor space. You can rely on us to offer affordable pool landscaping services. We can help you create a landscape of your dreams.

Fences, trellises and arbours: Fences can help improve the security of your home; we offer durable and secure fencing services. Our team also offers decorative features such as trellises and arbours.

Custom water features: Water features can be a soothing new addition to your garden. They can be the perfect focal point and may also help increase the value of your property. Our workmen offer customized water feature installations.

Garden Design

Our landscaping contractors in Ottawa will provide you with end-to-end project management from the initial assessment to the final master plan. We make sure to prioritize your needs at every step of the design process. We consider everything, from your desired look- whether it's contemporary or traditional, to your budget. We can provide you with all types of garden designs for commercial and residential properties.


Are you still on the fence about investing in our garden design services?


We offer beautiful landscape design and can give a complete makeover to your lawn.

Residential and Commercial Landscaping for the Ottawa Area

We offer our residential clients many options from a wide range of landscaping and hardscaping services that will bring out the best in your property and give you relaxing outdoor living spaces to enjoy for years to come. Do you have a plan for your own personal getaway or a welcoming storefront with landscaping by an Ottawa company with local roots? Whatever your project, it begins with your ideas and Ottawa Pavemaster works with you to bring life to them. Are you unsure about what will work for your site, whether it is urban, suburban or rural? We can develop a design that addresses a list of improvements you want to see in the final product, from a custom stone walkway that’s easy to clean to terraced flower beds that transform your front yard.

Please browse through our gallery and take a look at our past work.

Here are the benefits that you can consider:  

  • Enhanced curb appeal: A professionally designed garden with features that complement that overall property will significantly drive up your property's curb appeal.
  • Good drainage: Professional design services will take your drainage into account and create a plan for efficient systems that work all year round.
  • Improved value: A beautifully designed outdoor space with timeless features that add utility and beauty will contribute to a higher price for your property on the market.
  • Time and money savings: We will adhere to your budget to create the garden of your dreams.

If you'd like to learn more about how we've helped our customers, check out our testimonials and gallery sections. For any other queries, please feel free to reach out to us. We invite you to reach out to our landscape company in Ottawa for all your landscaping needs.

Fences and Arbors

Do you want a fence that beautifies your yard as well as protects your children and dog? Would a spray of wisteria or a grapevine patio make your backyard a lush shelter in the summer? Add a twist to your fencing or arbour structure with Ottawa Pavemaster. Add a stone gateway or elegant privacy fence to give you security and your guests a great first impression of your home. Our landscaping crew can also create vertical flowering gardens and living walls with elegant trellises and arbors. Just tell us your vision for landscaping at your Ottawa home and we can deliver the reality.

Pool Landscaping and Water Features

Have Ottawa Pavemaster build you an oasis just outside your door with pool landscaping and custom water features, from natural garden rocks to soothing waterfalls. We provide interlocking stone, natural stone, slate, and brick for pool surrounds, steps and patios. Add a water wall or fountain to any part of your backyard landscaping for a soothing environment and tranquil retreat.

Choose Ottawa Pavemasters

Why should you choose Ottawa Pavemasters as your residential or commercial landscape company in Ottawa? We offer the practicality of adding value to your property and an aesthetic quality limited only by your imagination. From garden walls to water features, our landscaping services for our Ottawa clients are built on more than 30 years of inspiring designs. Our efficient and seasoned crews ensure that your project runs smoothly and on schedule while taking time to listen to your wishes. We invite you to begin creating your new landscape designs today. Contact us to book a consultation and receive a free quote. 

No matter what kind of stonework, paving, or landscaping project you have planned for your property, Ottawa Pavemaster can handle it.

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